70% of local students have never been to the Ramsdell Theatre.

Students get to experience the theatre and learn about their community history through field trips. These events are free for students, made possible by supporters like you. Nationally touring acts will reserve an extra slot on performance day to give a special presentation to local students.

Your ongoing support engages over 1,000 students a year through history and the arts.

Access to all ages.

Even kids love visiting the newly renovated art gallery at the Ramsdell Theatre. Our friends here, Clive, Gregory, and Jones, has just purchased their first piece of art.

There are 6 – 8 exhibits each year. Free to the public. Open to all ages. Thanks to your ongoing commitment to increasing access to quality arts programming.

Theater Education.

Thanks to you, Manistee County finally has college and career learning opportunities in the arts. The Ramsdell Theatre Camp, led by Artistic Director Karen Curlee, offers students opportunities to grow their confidence as theater-makers. In the past, parents have reflected on their children’s experience. Here is one reaction, “Very impressed with the organization, communication, and quality. Nice job casting and with song choice. Felt like they got to know my daughter and pushed her to try something new and challenging.” Students were positive about their experience, too. They said, “Great experience! Thanks for building up my confidence in theater and letting me try something new.”

Your support today will pave the way for future college and career opportunities.

Beginner to advanced. All are welcome.

Whether it’s our production of The Nutcracker Ballet, resident groups like the Manistee Civic Players and Conservatory of Dance, or a performance by the Manistee Community Band, they all have one thing in common. Our talented and local community talent. To the younger kids, performing at the Ramsdell Theatre is like performing at Carnegie Hall. When you get to perform on the same stage that James Earl Jones and Toni Trucks performed in, you feel very honored.

Your ongoing support provides a quality environment for these budding artists.

The experience of a lifetime.

Thanks to you!

I would most definitely recommend and will be referring anyone and everyone to check out the Ramsdell Theatre and their concerts!

Everything was perfect and the performers were excellent!

They were incredible, and the night was just magical.