JUNE 13 – 25, 2022


We’re thrilled to announce the second Ramsdell Summer Theatre Camp, set for June 13 – 25, 2022, with a showcase performance for family and friends on Saturday, June 25.

Students ages 12-17 are encouraged to join us as we dive into pre-professional training for the theatre.

Young theatremakers will also have the opportunity to embrace their interest and skills in theatre tech and design, getting hands-on experience with running lights, sound, introduction to costume/set design, and a chance to experience life backstage and behind the curtain in the beautiful, historic facilities of the Ramsdell Theatre.

Scholarship applications to cover a portion of the camp will be made available soon, thanks to the contributions made to the James F. Galer Memorial Scholarship Fund!

Typical Day

Parents and students will receive a detailed weekly syllabus in advance of the first day of camp.

Tentative Schedule:

Days 1-3:
– Warm up, exercises and community building
– Improvs, scene and monologue assignments (or choices)
– Begin to learn the group opening number -Broadway lexicon
– Journaling re: expectations, goals, and feelings. Explore the notion of Belonging!!
– Create a “company”!

Day 4:
– Sabrina (from Together in Dance) song writing opening (or closing) number via zoom
– One minute plays
– Begin to add an opening scene to the number they wrote

Day 5:
– Rehearse and choreograph the song they wrote
– Add scene basics
– Begin working with MD on solos
– Begin work on small group scenes

Day 6 (week 2):
– Clean and review original AND Broadway group numbers
– Block all small group scenes (with everyone in the room)
– Some time with Mik for design of back drop and theater tech stuff

Day 7:
– Mark Madama (professor at U Mich musical theater program/director) in to work on monologues and solo songs.
– Mik takes the whole group for painting back drop

Day 8:
– Second day with Mark Madama to tweak and finish all solo endeavors
– Announce 4 monologue performers
– Start to sketch out the final performance run

Day 9:
– Run all group songs and scenes
– Rehearse small group scenes
– Finish back drop
– Then begin to run the “show”

Day 10:
– Final rehearsal of all
– Break out time for monologues and small group scenes
– Whole group for large group songs and scenes
– Run the “show”


James F. Galer Memorial Scholarship Fund
The James F. Galer Memorial Scholarship Fund is meant to support promising and deserving students that wish to participate in eligible arts education programs at the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts. This scholarship will help cover a portion of the Ramsdell Theatre Camp tuition.

James F. Galer was a teacher for over 38 years. He taught mathematics at Zeeland High School in Zeeland, MI, where he eventually became department chair. The late James G. Galer and his wife Marilyn Galer, loved west Michigan, and were a part of the Manistee community. They were both involved as volunteers and especially loved music and the arts. Jim was involved with the Ramsdell Theatre as a docent for many years and served in the governing board for the Manistee Civic Players.

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