Interested in exhibiting in Hardy Hall at the Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts?

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Current Art Exhibit

NEW EXHIBIT: Enchanted Forest

May 24 – July 9, 2022

Open Tuesday – Friday from 1pm – 5pm

*Saturday, 12pm – 3pm

Exhibit is Free

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 25 from 5p-7pm
Free to Attend 

The Enchanted Forest exhibit is meant to reflect the beauty and enchantment of the Manistee National Forest and all forests of Michigan.

Enchanted Forest Artists
Georgia Allen
Abigail Anderson
Steve Begnoche
Roger Bruchan
Deborah Chrystal
Deborah Clark
Josie Cooke
Samantha Coon
Deborah Crandell
Judy Crockett
Shar DeFresne
Dana Falconberry
Frank Galante
Denice Goldschmidt
Rennae Sue Hansen
Martha Hudson
Emerson Jermstad
Mary Ann Johnston
PD Juncker
Barbara Kennison
Jan Kenny
Carolyn Keys
Paula Laws

Norman Letsinger
Ginny Masengarb
Sonja Mattson-Barnes
Sarah May
Breanna Miller
Lance Miller
Fred Niles
Candace Oleniczak
Laura Ortiz-LaVelle
Kendra Preston
Joan Riise
Linda Sandow
Don Spezia
Kaitlyn Stadler
Sarah Stechschulte
Melonie Steffes
Stella Stepanik
Mark Videan
Mary Wahr
Lynn Williams
Christine Wucherer
Lisa Marie Yontz

Upcoming Art Exhibit


July 26 – September 3, 2022

Open Tuesday – Friday from 1pm – 5pm
Saturday, 12pm – 3pm

*Hours are subject to change due to private events

Exhibit is Free

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 6 from 4p-6pm