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UPCOMING EXHIBIT: All in the Family

January 25 – March 5, 2022

Open Tuesday – Friday from 1pm – 5pm

*Saturday, 12pm – 3pm

Exhibit is Free

Opening Reception on January 29 from 4pm-6pm

As with musicians, visual artists tend to run in families, creativity and artistic practice are inspirational and contagious. The All in the Family exhibition highlights several families in the Manistee region that have fostered generations of artists.

All in the Family Artists (Family Curator in bold):

Linda Albee
Martha Hudson
Emily King

Lisa Allen
Joseph Jaquez
Dolores Topolski Jaquez
Maria Lopez Jaquez
Leo Topolski
Georgia Allen

Christopher Fellows
David Fellows

Kristine Harvey
Kenneth Mangelsdorf
Madalyn Harvey
Harvey Hespa

William Hattendorf
W. Homer Hattendorf
Dorothy Hattendorf Jarvis
Megan Boye
Gladys Cross
Nancy Lyon

Philip Joseph
Susan Joseph
Tim Joseph
Mary Joseph
Sarah Joseph

Mary Wahr
Robert Edgar Medlar
Robert Charles Medlar

Lynn Williams
Katazyna Bezler
Karen Laney
Rick Laney
Reed Anderson

Next Art Exhibit

NEXT EXHIBIT: Bill Knudstrup, Children of Summer

March 22 – May 7, 2022

Open Tuesday – Friday from 1pm – 5pm

*Saturday, 12pm – 3pm

Exhibit is Free

Opening Reception: March 26 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Drawn from his life experiences and a childhood spent on the beaches and dunes of Lake Michigan’s shore, Bill Knudstrup’s paintings provide an emotional impact with sympathy and empathy, and the impression of a specific time and place and subject matter that plays on timeless memories.