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This Tuesday, you have a tough choice to make. But, we are making it easy for you. You’re needed because the community is counting on you. Those who love and wish to preserve the historic nature of the beautiful theatre, those who love giving children access to the arts and a place to perform, and those who support the artistic workforce in the community. They need YOU as much as we do. 

Here are the reasons why:

For the kids

kids enthusiastically raising their hands during an event at the ramsdelll theatre

Thousands of students each year are invited to the Ramsdell FOR FREE and experience something phenomenal. Your gift is important because it allows them to connect with their local historic theatre and experience something magical. The picture above is from 2019. Help us keep this up in 2021!

Photo by Crescent Rose Photography LLC.

For preservation

Stuff gets old, needs ongoing maintenance, or is damaged. It’s a labor of love, but it has to get done. Your gifts are crucial because one day, unexpectedly, something needs to get fixed or replaced. We need you so it’s done right and by professionals. You can help prevent catastrophic long-term damage. Without ongoing repairs and preservation efforts, it crumbles and safety can become an issue. The picture above is from a torn theatre curtain.

For local artists

We have an amazingly talented artistic community. Your acts of generosity in the past allowed Hardy Hall to grow into a stunning gallery to display local and traveling artists. Art exhibits at the Ramsdell are FREE for anyone to attend. The majority of art revenue goes to the artist. Your gift today helps support this program. The picture above features the work of local artists in collaboration with elementary students.

Ways you can give:

We understand that sometimes, protecting your information is of most importance to you. This is why we now have an option for you to donate using any major card without entering your phone number, email address, or physical address.

Your goals are focused on reducing your taxes. Are you over the age of 70 1/2? Do you have an IRA? You can gift up to $100,000 and lower your taxable income while doing so. You may also already have a fund at a community foundation. You could consider making a gift through your fund (donor-advised fund). We always encourage our donors to speak with their advisors when considering these options.

Mailing a check is so easy. Our printable donation form allows you the opportunity to write your information down and mail it in with your check. Our address is printed on the donation form.