1. We will allow 1 game per day (available on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday) between 5pm – 9pm (on the hour or half hour). The first bookable time is at 5pm, and the last is at 8pm.
  2. CALL TO BOOK 231-398-9770. Please give us at least 48 hours to get back to you. If you leave a message, please tell us which day you plan to book and what time (between 5pm – 9pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). DO NOT leave your credit card information in your voicemail. We will call you back.
  3. We are setting a month-to-month schedule. With the restrictions changing so often, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. For now, you have to call us at 231-398-9770 to book a time with us.
  4. Masks are required 100% of the time. If you remove your mask at any point during the game, then the game master will stop the game and you will forfeit your time and you will not receive a refund.
  5. Up to three households can participate at once. If you want to limit the number of households, you will need to purchase the entire room and we will offer a discounted price of $125 ($25 savings). For example, if you want to book the room for four people (two households) and don’t want a third household or two more people you don’t know in the room with you, you pay $125. You can still invite two more people that you know. Just remember. Max of six participants and max of three households.
  6. We are leaving 48 hours in between games for sanitation and to reduce spreading germs.



Escape rooms are a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand and beat the clock!


Investors of the Butterfield movie company get ready to hold a meeting at the Ramsdell when Vaudeville Harry traps them! Disturbed and anxious, the investors must now solve puzzles to obtain a key to an old chest full of dynamite, and escape in less than 60 minutes! Do you think you can outsmart Vaudeville Harry?


Want to play? Book your date and time with us (CALL 231-398-9770 AND PLEASE GIVE US AT LEAST 48 HOURS TO GET BACK TO YOU). Each reservation has a maximum of 6 people that can participate at once. Up to three households can participate (all must agree to this). You can book out the entire room for $125 (save $25) if you want to limit the number of households yourself. You will be asked to fill out electronic waiver forms. If you can’t get it to work on your computer, we will have extra copies for you at the Ramsdell.


You’ll need to arrive 15 minutes before your reservation. *Reservations are required*. Please come in through the 1st street door and go up the stairs and into the green room and wait for the game master. You will check-in, fill out waivers, and the game master will walk you through the instructions of the game. You’ll have 60 minutes to complete the game.


*Masks are required* Have fun! Don’t break anything. Solve the clues and beat the clock! Oh, and the room is never locked, but if you leave the room, you forfeit your participation. So, make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE you start the game.


  • 5pm – 9pm on the grayed dates (Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday)
  • Call to book 231-398-9770 (allow 48hrs to return your call). If you leave a message tell us the date and time you want to book. DO NOT leave your credit card info on the phone message.
  • $25 for adult and $18 for student (18 and under)

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