The Ramsdell Regional Center for the Arts maintains an endowment at the Manistee County Community Foundation.

The Ramsdell was extensively renovated over a multi-year period beginning in the late 1990’s. Millions of dollars of private and public money was invested in the Ramsdell to restore it to its previous glory.

This endowment was established in 2005 to provide for the future maintenance and preservation of the interior of the Ramsdell that was renovated.

Planned Giving

The Ramsdell has provided high-quality entertainment to the Manistee Community for over a century. We plan on continuing that tradition for the next generations of patrons and guests.

Have you have experienced the thrill of seeing a live performance at the Ramsdell and watching the magnificent act curtain go up? Or maybe you’ve participated in a production, giving it your all with your fellow actors on stage? Or perhaps you have been touched by a beautiful wedding with friends and family in the Ballroom?

If the Ramsdell has a special place in your heart, perhaps consider making a planned gift. Your legacy gift will ensure that the Ramsdell is able to continue providing these special moments for years to come.

For more information, contact Executive Director Xavier Verna at 231 398-9770.